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Over 20% of the heat loss in the home occurs through old or out-dated windows and doors. This means you could literally be throwing money out of the window as a result of unnecessarily costly energy bills. By having low emissivity glass installed by Ballyclare Glass And Glazing, you could benefit from energy efficient windows to ensure a warmer living environment and reduced heating bills.

Replace old windows with energy saving glass


- Single glazed

- Double glazed

- Georgian bar

- Diamond bevels

- Leaded lights

- Toughened glass

- Fire glass

- Energy efficient glazing options.

Domestic and trade energy efficient glass

U-values are used to measure the total heat loss through windows and how energy efficient glass is - the lower the value, the more efficient the windows are. Low E glass products combined with a tested window offer U-values as low as 1.2 with double glazing and 0.8 with triple glazing. For more details about the benefits of having energy saving glass installed in your home, contact Ballyclare Glass And Glazing today.

The benefits of low U-values for energy efficient glazing in Ballyclare

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